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results are our speciality - we work towards turning your website into an authority site, gaining you better rankings and more targeted traffic.

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our unique seo link building packages offer value for money, as well as quality & diversity with over 40 platforms of link type.

What Is RankWarrior SEO?

RankWarrior started life in 2011 on the internet marketing Warrior Forum ...

With over 600+ link building packages sold, RankWarrior’s ‘Google Destroyer’ was one of the most successful link building sales threads on Warrior Forum. Customers from all over the world experienced page one rankings in a matter of weeks for theirchosen keywords, and everyone enjoyed the success.

That was until late 2012 when Google started a huge campaign of their own to change the way in which link builders built links; and ultimatelytried to stop website owners buying link building services that directly manipulated a websites ranking.

Nothing was working ... we had to go back to the drawing board and re-evaluate our entire link building proceedure.

5 years in the making, we are back ...

For the past 5 years we have ONLY exclusively worked on our own in-house websites. Wehaven’t sold an SEO package since 2012; but have never left the game.

Our strategy for 5 solid years has been continual testing, a graveyard of failed projects, loss of hair, loss of sleep, analysing and improving ... and ultimately figuring out how to ‘crack the Google code’.

We are back ... and ready to show YOU our method to land your website at the top of theGoogle search engine for your desired keywords.

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“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”
Bruce Lee

How RankWarrior Link Building Can Help Your Website Hit The Top Of Google & Send You Floods Of Targeted Traffic

“It’s not bragging if you can back it up.”
Muhammad Ali

Expect results in as little as 8 weeks from the point of ordering. Speed & safety guaranteed.

We are experienced link builders who constantly test everything we do. This means our ranking methods are the safest you could possibly get for your website.

In fact we have our own website portfolio of highly ranking sites that we take pride in. We would never do anything to risk these sites, and we would never do anything to risk your website either.

We feel that safe and steady is the way forward and that is what we deliver. Better rankings that are going to stay around for the long term.

A diverse source of links to build an authority link profile for your website. This is the real deal.

Quantity no longer works when link building, unless there is quality to back it up. We would rather have 1 super strong backlink, that look professional than 1000 links that look spammy and automated.

We deliver links that you can be proud of ... links you wouldn’t feel ashamed to show your clients, and links that you can sleep comfortably at night with.

You choose the keywords, we do the rest. Let us take your website rankings to the next level.

Simply provide us with some basic information and your desired keywords (up to 10 for the annihilation package) and we will literally do everything else.

We will warn you in advance to be prepared to hit page one of the search results, and to expect an increase in sales and traffic. Please ensure you can cope with this!

Ready To Rank? Choose Your Destiny ...


- 12 Link Types Included -
- unique handwritten content -

- You supply 3 keywords -
- LSI keywords included -

- 10 solid homepage links -
- All high DA & TF/CF -

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- 24 Link Types Included -
- unique handwritten content -

- You supply 6 keywords -
- LSI keywords included -

- 15 solid homepage links -
- All high DA & TF/CF -

- 5 expertly placed petition links -
- Leading authority lnks -

- 6 GOV/EDU links -
- All high DA & TF/CF -

- Ideal for medium competition -
- We will rank you page 1 -

- 5x more links than War -
- All high DA & TF/CF-

just £379!


- 40 Link Types Included -
- unique handwritten content -

- You supply 9 keywords -
- LSI keywords included -

- 20 solid homepage links -
- All high DA & TF/CF -

- 10 expertly placed petition links -
- Leading authority lnks -

- 15 solid homepage links -
- All high DA & TF/CF -

- 10 GOV/EDU links -
- All high DA & TF/CF -

- Superior White Hat Content -
- We only employ native UK writers-

- Results Guaranteed -
- If your rankings don’t improve-

- Rock Solid High DA Posts -
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- Ideal for high competition -
- We will rank you page 1-

- 10x more links than War -
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just £569!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Service ‘White Hat’?
We try to keep all our content as well written as possible. We only employ native UK writersand never outsource, or use automated tools for anything. In our opinion this is as close to white hat as you are going to get at these prices.

Do You Guarantee Page 1?
We can’t guarantee anything as we don’t own or control Google. What we do know is that these techniques work for our sites and for our clients, but there are too many external factors to guarantee a position in a search engine we don’t control.

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